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With today’s screaming-high inflation, it’s not enough to just keep your money safe. If you want to retire in comfort, you must grow your wealth starting today. Every month, The Freeport Investor will show you best places to invest your money, time, or energy to help you gain more freedom and peace of mind no matter what’s happening in markets or the economy. Chief Investment Advisor Charles Sizemore, other Freeport Society advisors, and guest contributors will write to you every month with the biggest opportunities they’re seeing.

We are in the middle of one of the most volatile decades in U.S. history. It’s going to be bad for a lot of people. However, in chaotic times investors who can keep their head can make the equivalent of 12 years of profits in just 12 months. In Freeport Alpha, Chief Investment Advisor Charles Sizemore and the entire Freeport Society team will go anywhere and trade anything in order to deliver multiple trades per month to help you capitalize on huge moves in the markets that play out over the short term. Plus, they’ll update you on the market and our positions every week. It’s raining gold. Here’s your bucket.