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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

These are the things that made America the greatest country in history. These are the ideals The Freeport Society embodies and espouses. These are what members will leverage to grow their portfolios and preserve their freedom.

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An Energy Crisis… an Investment Opportunity

After years of underinvestment (and lack of planning), exacerbated by major environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disincentives, we may be looking at a bona fide energy crisis ahead. But, as our Freeport Society friend John Pangere points out, this energy crisis is also a fantastic energy opportunity… if you know where to look.

[Weekend Roundup] Sweeping the Chaos Under the Rug

A look at the markets would fool most people into believing that everything was rosy with the American economy… if they didn’t actually live in the real world. We are deep in the Age of Chaos… and only getting deeper… while the mainstream media and markets look the other way.

The Free Market Will Slay Inflation Long Before the Fed Does

Target is slashing the price of 5,000 items in its stores. Walmart recently slashed the price of 7,000 items. The Fed is powerless in the fight against inflation… but private companies and the invisible hand of capitalism may have what it takes to save us.

Inflation’s Real Drivers: Redistribution and Boneheadedness

More student loan forgiveness piled on top of a deficit too large to even comprehend anymore… and the “experts” wonder why inflation is so sticky and stagflation is such a real threat. Let’s look at how to protect against the mess that just keeps getting messier…

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5 Unapologetically Profitable Stocks for 2024

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wealth