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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

These are the things that made America the greatest country in history. These are the ideals The Freeport Society embodies and espouses. These are what members will leverage to grow their portfolios and preserve their freedom.

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The Attempted Trump Assassination: What Happens Next?

We still don’t know what specifically motivated the alleged gunman who tried to assassinate Donald Trump on Saturday, July 13… but we DO know that elections should be settled at the ballot box, not with an AR-15

[Sunday Read] Company and Political Insiders Have Been Busy

Four senators have submitted a proposal to ban the president, vice president, and members of Congress from buying stocks and a range of other financial assets during their tenures. Spouses and dependent children would be included in this ban. Hats off to them. Their hearts are in the right place. But who are they kidding?

When Burger Flippers Earn More Than Teachers…

On April 1, California’s new minimum-wage law went into effect, giving fast-food workers in the Golden State a $20 per hour minimum wage. That works out to $40,000 per year assuming a 40-hour workweek with two weeks of vacation. This is not going to turn out well…

The Tragedy of Joe Biden

Biden came to office at a time when America needed a sense of normalcy. Now, the situation is “unimaginably worse than anyone could have ever thought possible…”

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5 Unapologetically Profitable Stocks for 2024

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Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wealth