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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

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Free Minds, Free Speech, Free Markets

These are the things that made America the greatest country in history. These are the ideals The Freeport Society embodies and espouses. These are what members will leverage to grow their portfolios and preserve their freedom.

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The Insidious Demise of Your Standard of Living

The average worker has to work about 20% longer to buy a Big Mac today than in the 1980s. And houses, education, and the basic necessities that used to define middle-class living are all vastly more expensive. What happened? More importantly, what happens next?

The AI Renaissance in America’s “Forgotten” Region

Every AI company that has reached a $1 trillion market cap has showered its investors with wealth-building opportunities. Our Freeport Society friend and Global Macro specialist Eric Fry believes he has found the next one. It’s a company that’s using a new application of AI and he believes it will revolutionize a $13.1 trillion industry.

[Weekend Roundup] Inflation Mission Accomplished…?

Wall Street is cheering the Fed’s “win” over inflation… only, they’re being overly generous in their expectations. Here’s what you should know about inflation and why it’s not time to break out the Champagne yet…

Meme Stock Trading Tip of the Week

As utterly obnoxious as meme-stock culture is, with diamond-handed bros trading the “stonkmarket,” it’s fun to trade… if you do it right. Here’s what you need to know.

The Destructive Power of the “Right” Man for the Job

It wasn’t that long ago that the sun never set on the British Empire… or that Spain was the richest country in the world… or that the Ottoman Empire was a wellspring of art, science, and medicine. Every empire falls… eventually. Unfortunately, it looks like the time of the U.S. Empire has come.

The Next Recession is a Self-Fulfilling Doomsday Prophecy

America’s largest companies have rediscovered the virtue of thrift… and expectations were already so bad that beating them was a cakewalk! But their fear of recession could very well bring about what they fear. What’s going on here?

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5 Unapologetically Profitable Stocks for 2024

By Charles Sizemore

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Wealth