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Charles Sizemore

Charles Sizemore

Chief Investment Strategist, The Freeport Society

Charles Lewis Sizemore is a market veteran of 20-plus years. Starting at his grandfather’s knee when he was just 10 years old, he has pursued a career dedicated to helping people achieve financial freedom through smart investing.

He holds a Master’s Degree in Finance and Accounting from the London School of Economics and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance with an International Emphasis from Texas Christian University in Fort Worth, Texas, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude and as a Phi Beta Kappa scholar.

As a keen market observer, economist, investment analyst, and prolific writer, Charles has been a repeat guest on Fox Business, has been quoted in Barron’s Magazine, and has been featured in numerous well-reputed publications and financial websites, including MarketWatch,,, MSN Money, Seeking Alpha, Stocks, Futures, and Options magazine, The Daily Reckoning, Benzinga, Minyanville, and Investment International.

He also worked alongside best-selling financial author and economic strategist Harry S. Dent Jr. in creating original research on the effects of changing global demographics on asset returns and economic growth.

He was also the editor of the Sizemore Investment Letter and Macro Trend Investor, for which he won the Investor Place Best Stocks competition in 2011, 2013, and 2016.

While Charles enjoys playing basketball and his grandfather’s old saxophone (which he is also teaching his son), Charles’ passion lies in finding investment opportunities that become safe havens for investors navigating this age of chaos. He is intolerant of deception, misdirection, and the endless eroding of the ideals that once made America great. He has taken it upon himself to help investors regain their lives, their liberty, and their wealth.

Latest from Charles Sizemore

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When Burger Flippers Earn More Than Teachers…

On April 1, California’s new minimum-wage law went into effect, giving fast-food workers in the Golden State a $20 per hour minimum wage. That works out to $40,000 per year assuming a 40-hour workweek with two weeks of vacation. This is not going to turn out well…

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The Tragedy of Joe Biden

Biden came to office at a time when America needed a sense of normalcy. Now, the situation is “unimaginably worse than anyone could have ever thought possible…”

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Five Predictions for the Coming Decade of Decline

The U.S. is still an incredible country with so much prosperity and opportunity. But it would be completely naive and ignorant to claim that America is not in substantial decline. The real concern isn’t where the country is today. It’s the trend… where the country will end up in 10 years’ time if it stays on the current course.

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The Surprising Play Within the Deglobalization Trend

Deglobalization is a major, durable trend for the remainder of this decade and likely far beyond. But even in a world of higher tariffs, less free trade, and more protectionism, international trade doesn’t go to zero. That means there are still investment opportunities to find…

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Happy Fourth of July!

Today is the Fourth of July – America’s Independence Day.  On this day in 1776, the Second Continental Congress approved the Declaration of Independence, “officially” severing our ties with the British crown.  Of course, declaring independence didn’t make us independent any more than me declaring myself to be as rich as Jeff Bezos would make