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The Fight Continues…

Today, let’s remember that freedom isn’t free. It may be an unalienable right for us all, but that doesn’t mean we’re going to get it without a fight. So here’s our Juneteenth message…

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Money for Nothing and the Tips for Free

The dollar is backed by U.S. Treasury securities and the entire banking system. But what does that actually MEAN? And what happens if it fails? Freeport Friend and editor of Rogue Strategic Trader, John Pangere, provides some answers.

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THAT Took Chutzpah

Citing pressure from our 435 apparently impoverished congressional representatives, the House Appropriations Committee voted on Thursday on whether or not to raise the annual salaries of House representatives. They voted no… but the question is, do they deserve it…?

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Which Way Will the Wind Blow for Powell?

We like to pretend that our leaders know what they’re doing. Our fates and livelihoods are in their hands, for crying out loud. But experience has made it abundantly clear that they don’t. They really are just putting on a good show, flying by the seat of their pants and hoping the rest of us don’t catch on. So how do we grow our wealth under these conditions?

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Everything Is Broken

It turns out that the era of small government that was celebrated in the 1980s and ’90s was mostly a myth… a catchy campaign slogan designed to get votes and not much more. Now the two geriatric clowns running for president this year offer only slightly different doses of the same bad-policy heroin we’ve become addicted to.