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RIP Charlie Munger

The world has lost a great man and one of the best investors of all times. So today, in honor of his memory, let’s look back at his life in awe and learn some valuable lessons while we’re at it.

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Fake Capital

U.S. 10-year Treasury notes have underperformed gold for the last 33 years. And in America’s publicly traded businesses, an investor might have fared even worse. So what now?

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Victoria’s Doomed, but What About Mickey?

Turns out, pandering to internet “activists” (can we call a troll a troll?) doesn’t translate into growing revenues and happy investors. Worse, it is greatly diminishing the quality of the entertainment being produced, as evidenced by, earlier this month, The Marvels’ spectacular flop. So today we’ll consider the price businesses pay to appease the trolls. And we’ll explore the alternatives that we can invest in.

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The Trillion-Dollar Debt Has Become an All-of-Us Problem

This year marks a tragic trillion-dollar milestone. Just last month, the annual interest paid on our national debt is estimated to have crossed the $1 trillion mark for the first time. Inflation sticking around is inevitable. It may even be intentional. Here’s the kind of inflation protection you need in your portfolio.

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Why WeWork Didn’t, but Silicon Valley Still Does

Let’s get into how stupid Federal Reserve policy played a part in WeWork’s rise… and how slightly less stupid Fed policy brought about the company’s fall. Then, let’s put to rest the notion that the failure of WeWork (not a tech company, despite whatever it may have claimed) is somehow an indicator of Silicon Valley’s downfall.

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A Contrary Investment On Consumer Troubles

Ninety percent of Americans live within 10 miles of a Walmart store, and about two-thirds of all shoppers buy something from the chain every month. So, you can glean a lot about the state of the country by reading Walmart’s quarterly earnings reports. In this piece, we consider Walmart’s warnings, and make a plan to navigate what lies ahead to safety and profits.