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Surprise, Surprise… Congress Can’t Police Themselves

I’m about to deliver some news that will not shock you. No need to sit down. Feel free to take a big sip of whatever beverage you’re enjoying right now. According to recent data from a respected stock market research platform, the folks in Washington aren’t keeping their hands out of the cookie jar. What IS a little bit shocking is that there seems to be little to no outcry about all this.

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I Can’t Drive 55… Nor Can You

In 1974 the federal government mandated that 55 miles per hour was the maximum speed on all interstate highways. That was the wrong response. Capital markets knew and did better. Now, government is interfering again…

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Thank You Very Much and Long Live Freedom, Damn It!

The state is not the solution. It’s the problem. The problems facing our country are not democrat problems or republican problems. They’re government problems. And the problems that aren’t specifically related to the government, such as the aging of our workforce, aren’t things the government can solve. The best thing it can do is simply get out of the way and let the private sector sort it out the best it can.

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Your Election-Year Investing Playbook… a Dispatch from Lucas Downey

We’re not even a full month into 2024, and it’s already been a roller-coaster ride in the market. At The Freeport Society, we maintain cool heads as chaos swirls. We look for ways to protect your wealth and independence. We hunt for opportunities to grow your wealth to secure your independence. That’s why we asked Lucas Downey, a contributing editor at TradeSmith, if we could share one of his recent articles with you.

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A Disastrous Rout… a Dispatch From Bill Bonner

High on the list of controversial issues that presidential hopefuls are debating as electioneering gathers steam is… surprise! The unconscionable, uncontrolled, unmanageable debt our elected government has managed to accrue. Recently, our friend Bill Bonner penned a piece that considers the two options this great nation of ours has to extricate itself from the debt swamp that the reckless, incompetent ruling elite have sunk us into.