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[Weekend Roundup] America’s Collective Facepalm

The Northeast got scorched last weekend… literally.

Temperatures soared into the 100℉. People felt like they were melting.

Turns out, that wasn’t just a figure of speech.

It was so hot that our very own wax Abe Lincoln in D.C. lost his head to the heat. We can’t help but wonder if Honest Abe lost his head more because he was trying to escape the political mess of the upcoming election… and less because of the heat… 

The Washington Post via Getty Images

A disappointing mess is exactly what Thursday night’s first presidential debate was. We knew not to expect a miracle, but our candidates clearly have a knack for lowering the bar with each passing election cycle.

If you partook in Charles’ Debate Drinking Game, you’re likely still nursing that hangover.

Biden’s performance was, to put it mildly, concerning. Watching him in action – or rather, inaction – made my bicep cramp from all the facepalms. Meanwhile, Trump’s approach wasn’t doing him any favors either. His penchant for speaking like a carnival barker only tests his credibility, leaving voters wading through muddy waters.

This election is a dumpster fire. Now we’re just waiting for the arrival of a shadow candidate, which seems more likely now than ever.

With Biden clearly no longer in the game, Louis Navellier’s prediction of a Biden replacement is beginning to look prophetic.

Click here to watch his warning – and the steps every American should take to protect themselves.

Now, we’ll bring you up to speed on this week at The Freeport Navigator

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Looking Ahead

While Denmark rolls out its new “fart tax”, aimed at farmers with cattle, we can’t help but wonder: Is there a way to tax presidential candidates for all the hot air they spew? 

Now that would be a climate initiative we could get behind.

Joking aside, the tax is set to increase the cost per gas-emitting-cow to a little over $100 annually. And while this measure would help Denmark meet its ambitious carbon reduction targets, it could pose significant challenges for farmers, particularly those who don’t have much financial wiggle room.

As Charles mentioned on Thursday, the tax code shapes behavior. Taxing something raises the price… meaning you incentivize less of it. Cutting taxes lowers the price… meaning you incentivize more of it. A tax on cows raises the cost of meat and milk…which incentivizes Danes to eat fewer cheeseburgers. 

We’ll have to wait and see what perverse incentive structures our incompetent leaders manage to create for us with their manipulation of the tax code. If history is any guide, they will be legion.   

Next week is a little light on economic news due to the Fourth of July holiday, though Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell will be speaking on Tuesday, and we’ll get fresh data on employment, jobless claims, and wages. 

And, if post-debate news chatter is correct, we may very well have a new presidential candidate

Here’s to life, liberty, and the pursuit of wealth.