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[Weekend Roundup] The High Price of “Free”

Hello, Fellow Navigator.

North Korea just redefined what it means to throw a tantrum on the world stage.

Just when we thought U.S. politicians were in the lead for acting like petulant children, the Kim Jon Un regime earlier this week launched filth- and trash-filled balloons into South Korea as retaliation.

Retaliation for what?

South Korea recently floated leaflet-filled balloons across the border and into its neighbor’s territory.

Hmmm. Not quite tit for tat…

While North Korea’s actions are impressive on the clown scale, U.S. politicians keep taking things one step further…

For example, the Massachusetts Senate recently approved a $58 billion budget that sets aside $75.5 million to pay for tuition and fees for anyone who wants to attend community college in the state, making it “free.” 

Except nothing is truly free. As usual, taxpayers will foot the bill on this one.

Funds for this universal free tuition program will come from a new tax hike on millionaires. 

Charles wrote about the dangers of this kind of inefficient government spending in a previous Freeport Navigator.

This country has become so comfortable with the illusion of “free” benefits and racking up monstrous debt that we’ve lost sight of the value of hard work, personal responsibility, and earning your own way. 

Politicians and presidential candidates are trying to outdo each other with student loan debt cancellations and other promises of handouts.

In the end, you and I pay for it.

Here at The Freeport Society, we want to remind you of true American values and guide you through the absurdity. Especially as we’re being led down the path of bankruptcy – morally and financially.

Let’s look back at how we did that this week…

To Our Fallen Heroes – Thank You

Those who paid the ultimate price, the true heroes of this country, deserve the utmost honor and recognition. Read Charles’s full message here.

An Energy Crisis… an Investment Opportunity

Freeport Society friend John Pangere discusses how, after false promises and trillions of dollars, we find ourselves in a ditch. Click here to find out if kind of help is on the way.

The Next No-Brainer Trade of the Decade

As we await the OPEC+ meeting tomorrow, Charles goes over what could come of it and how to position your portfolio around it. Click here.

Looking Ahead

It’s official… Donald Trump has been convicted. What happens next is still a mystery, but as Charles said yesterday, one thing is guaranteed: The chaos will accelerate.

For our sanity and our pocket books, we’ll stay focused on finding investments that help you grow your wealth… and protect it as well.

To that end, our focus going into next week is tomorrow’s OPEC+ meeting (which Charles discussed yesterday). 

Will the masters of the oil market throw us any surprises… and will it speed us closer to stagflation? 

One last fun fact. British monarch King Charles III’s birthday is November 14. But New Zealand will be celebrating his birthday on Monday, June 3. 


We have no idea. You’ll have to ask the Kiwis. 

Regardless, Charles wishes to send happy fake birthday wishes to his majesty. This may come as a surprise given his libertarian, anti-government leanings, but he’s actually an ardent monarchist. 

“I wish all American presidents followed King Charles’s lead and spent their time kissing babies and waving to crowds while not actually doing anything,” Charles tells me. “At least they wouldn’t be proactively leaving the country worse off than they found it with one boneheaded policy after another.” 

God save the King!  

To life, liberty, and the pursuit of wealth.